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Modular Work Stations

Anand furnishers is a key manufacturer and supplier of modular work stations. Our company has a portfolio of making good quality modular work stations. The main attribute of our work stations is that they occupy minimal space and give you maximum benefits. Adepts of our unit regularly come up with new ideas and innovations, which will make your office work buttery smooth. Our team of craftsmen understands your needs and produces the desired output.


The workstations, we manufacture, are cost effective and are an ideal solution for your accommodation problems. All the phases from briefing, design, space planning take place according to needs and demands of the customer. Anand furnishers is a cutting-edge modular workstation resource for the proprietors who want to give their workplace a new look that can effectively fit to their needs.


The office that we make shows flexible configuration by which you can easily organize your office. With an unflinching focus towards providing aesthetic and creative product making, our company prepares modern workstations with some world class seating system and modular solution for the employees. The company believes in developing good relationship with the clients, which are based on values and trust.


Our firm gives excellent after-sales services to our consumers because we believe that customers are the ultimate owner of our business.