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Fabric Rack

Size : 2400x1200x1200mm having 4 levels (Folding Type) made of MS Pipe and Pre-Laminated Board.

Heavy Duty Fabric Rack

Size : 2400x1200x1200mm having 3 levels with common verticals (Folding Type) made of MS Pipe fitted with metal plates nut bolts

Pigeon Hole Slotted Angle Racks

Small components/accessories with 3 sides closed with front guard available in any size.

Recommended sizes are 2500 or 2000mmx 900x450mm with two partition plates on each level thus dividing 900mm width into 3 equal parts.

Accessories Racks

They are used for keeping small accessories. It is open on all sides duly painted in dark grey colour.

Other sizes of steel panel as given below are also available with varying height of slotted angle.


Cutting Rack

These racks are used for keeping cutting bundles.

It is made of MS pipe and steel panel duly welded of size : 2000x1200x600mm having four levels making three compartments open on all sides available in any desired colour.

Fabric Rack 1

It is a fancy heavy duty rack with a decent look and folding type made of MS pipe & Pre-Laminated Board of white colour of size : 2500x1200x1200mm

Fabric Rack 2

Slotted Angle heavy duty fabric rack made of slotted angle 80x40x2.5mm or 60x40x2mm and ‘C’ Channel/Sectional Panel with four levels available in dark grey colour of size : 2500x1200x1200mm or any other desired size.

Fabric Rack 3

It’s a heavy duty rack designed to accommodate heavy weights of fabric & rolls made of MS pipe folding type duly painted available in any desired colour and in size 2000x900x1500mm. However any other sizes can also be made as per the requirement.

These racks also named as Pallet Racks. They can be assembled in a row of multiple racks with common verticals duly bolted with each other & making them absolutely immovable.